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Status Post Recent Change June 26, 2008

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May has been an eventful month thus far.

May 1: My last official day at Mercy. What an amazing last day! My co-workers were so encouraging and kind – they threw a surprise lunch fiesta with incredible authentic Mexican food, a very funny (and sweet!) group poem, and a gift I never expected…more on that in a later post.

May 3: Sister-in-law Stephanie graduates from MTSU. Hooray for the amazing teacher to be! She also found out that she will have a job at the school she’d hoped to work for. Great news! (update 6-25-08: turns out that Stephanie didn’t get the job she wanted due to a relative working at the school, so she is currently searching for something wonderful which I’m sure she will find!)

May 9: My graduation from Vanderbilt. Even though I finished school 9 months ago my graduation ceremony wasn’t until now so that the school of nursing would graduate with the rest of Vanderbilt University – a much larger group than I had thought! It was very Hogwarts-esque with lots of pomp and circumstance and funny hats. The ceremony was outdoors…the weather was perfect!

May 11: Happy Mother’s Day!

May 13: My 24th birthday!

In the past couple of days Brian has found out that he will move to the downtown building so we will be able to carpool to work starting in September…I am so looking forward to spending that time with one another. Half way through the month and look at all that has gone on…we are very happily busy.

Original post 5-15-08


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