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I Bring Tamale June 26, 2008

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I thought I would try to start to remember some funny things that have happened so far in my nursing career as I have told the stories but not written them down. Here’s one of my favorites from my last job:

Scenario: Me taking care of a Hispanic family with pretty decent English, in clinic for a stomach bug in their daughter.

Mom: “When I call they say you have lab.”
Me: “Yes, we have a lab, and we can perform certain lab tests if we need them and send out others we can’t complete here.”
Mom: “Ok. I think she sick because of tamale she ate yesterday. Could this be?”
Me: “It’s certainly possible that she could have gotten sick after eating a tamale, but…”
Mom: “Ok, I want lab test.”
Me: “Well, I don’t think there are any lab tests we need on your daughter today as long as she stays well hydrated.”
Mom: “No, not for her. (reaches into diaper bag and pulls out large square of aluminum foil) I bring tamale.”

This same family was very opposed to seeing an NP when I first started. I think they forgot that I was an NP, as at the end of this visit the mom said, “Oh, you getting good at this now! You fast! You almost doctor, right?” I had explained that I was an NP in the past, and this day I said, “no, I am a nurse practitioner…” mom: “yeah but you almost doctor right? You good now!” I thought for a second, and was like, “sure…I’m almost a doctor” meaning that we have similar job descriptions. It was much easier than explaining the role of an NP. One of the office workers stated that in Mexico there is no word for nurse practitioner, so it is a confusing term for many people not from this country. After that visit that family was fine seeing me!

Also of note, we did not draw labs on the tamale 🙂


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