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Temporary Kitty June 26, 2008

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Recently we volunteered to cat-sit for a friend from work. She belongs to an animal rescue group that had found the cat in an abandoned trailer. Not knowing what we were getting into, we brought an adorable year-old bengal cat home with us for about a week. The first night we had him my allergies went haywire…I’m hoping it is a temporary effect! In the clinic world, when a patient comes in for, lets say, an ear infection, and as your walking out the door they mention that they have had problems paying attention in school, we call that an “oh by the way,” or OBTW for short. This was a cat with an OBTW.

He is the most playful cat we had ever known. He would stalk us and run and jump…sometimes with claws beared, onto us. However, he had a strange habit of suddenly hissing at himself and acting very strange, followed by being very cuddly. We took him to the vet as these episodes were becoming more frequent and he appeared to be pretty bothered by them. The vet did some X-rays and told us that he had some old fractures in his leg and hip and recommended surgery (!) There’s the OBTW for ya!

Thankfully, when we returned the cat to our friend, she took him to her vet who said that he would hold off on surgery, as the cat is compensating for his injuries so well. He said surgery would set him back rather than allow him to move forward. Great news! The kitty will soon be in a no-kill animal shelter called Happy Tales until he finds a good home. He was a great practice cat…other than being afraid to turn a corner for fear that the cat would pounce and cling to my thigh, it was a positive experience. Here’s to hoping my allergies don’t go crazy when we get the permanent kitty!

Original date 4-5-08


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