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Water Off a Duck’s Back June 26, 2008

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In clinic this week I encountered my first family at Vanderbilt that did not want to see me (because I’m an NP and not a doctor). This happened more than a few times in school and in my last job, but it still stings every time.

Today was the worst – I walked in and said hello to the family, and immediately the mom says, “We saw you last time and you gave us a lot of misinformation, and we don’t want to see you again.” Um, I’m 100% certain that their last visit was 6 months ago and I didn’t even work there at the time. I told them that they had not seen me before, and they said “well it was another NP and we didn’t like her either and we’d prefer not to speak to anyone but the doctor.” Also 100% sure that their last visit was with a resident, aka MD, not an NP. Either way they refused to see me.

I know not to take it personally, but it still gets me a little. I hate that they had a previous unsatisfactory visit, but I had nothing to do with it, and what they (and many others) don’t realize is that all good NPs are great at knowing what they don’t know – meaning I will always get the doctor if there is anything I am unsure of. I know I am biased, but I love the role of the NP. Most patients don’t mind seeing an NP at all, and many even prefer it! To each his own…I just still need to work on the whole “like water off a duck’s back” thing.


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