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Gob and Lucy September 29, 2008

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Brian and I are now proud owners of two furry family members. Most of you have had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with them by now as we are a little overdue in posting about them, but better late than never! Meet Gob and Lucy:

All Arrested Development fans out there should recognize their names. They are named after two of our favorite characters from a show that has provided us countless hours of Friday night entertainment in our first couple of years of marriage. Meet the real Gob (prounounced biblically like “Job”) and Lucy (short for Lucille):

We adopted them 2 weeks ago from a local shelter. We decided to get 2 kittens so that they would have a buddy, since we both work full time. 

They certainly enjoy one another! We’ve only had them a couple of weeks and we already have tons of cute pictures and video to share, so check back soon for more cuteness!